Cat acts as the boss of hardware store

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LEESVILLE, La. (KALB) -- Chloe the cat can usually be found lounging in one of the windows of Imperial Hardware Store on Main Street in Leesville, Louisiana.

Chloe has been living at Imperial Hardware Store in Leesville for almost nine years. (Submitted: Loretta Horton)

However, when news cameras showed up, Chloe decided that she didn't want to sit on her mat, not even for treats. Owners Michael and Loretta Horton said that's classic Chloe.

"She is the boss. If she doesn't want to do anything, you very well know that!" said Loretta.

"It's her way," added Michael.

Chloe will only drink water out of a coffee mug and prefers to be spoon fed by her grandpa.

The Hortons found Chloe as a kitten when she arrived in a delivery of septic tanks nearly nine years ago.

"We were going to find her a good home," Loretta said. "We fell in love with her and so she stayed here until she found a good home and then we all fell in love with her so we did find her a real good home."

She's been living at the store ever since and is often the center of attention.

"Oh, she's very popular," Loretta said. "She's a sweet cat too, sweet, sweet cat."

"We've got people who come in and you ask if you can help them and they say, 'No, we're just here to see the cat,'" said Michael.

"And they watch her in the window as they run, exercise, walk, drive by," added Loretta.

"A lot of people just get comfort from her. When they come in, they want to see Chloe. I think some of them need that and Chloe can sense it," said Michael.

Although the business has been around for decades it's clear who's really in charge.

"She's our watch-cat," Loretta said.

The Hortons said Chloe likes to hunt and bring them her catches of the day which can range from bugs to snakes.

Imperial Hardware store has been in business in Leesville since 1934 and at their Main Street location since 1955.

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