Caught on Video: Miss. high school teacher assaults student

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LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM/Gray News) - Candace Buckley, the mother of a Laurel High School student, is outraged after a teacher kneed her son in the back of the legs twice and then tried to force him into a chair. Part of the confrontation was caught on camera by another student.

Part of the confrontation was caught on camera by another student in the classroom. (Source: WDAM)

“I mean, tears. It brought tears to my eyes. Like, I really couldn’t believe the way he handled him like that. I wouldn’t dare do nobody’s child like that. What if it was his child?" said Buckley.

Buckley said when she went to the school to address the incident, she discovered school administrators were aware of what happened but failed to contact her about it.

She then went to the Laurel Police Department to file charges against the teacher for simple assault on a minor.

“Why would you do that to a child. He didn’t have no reason to even do that, no matter what the situation was,” said Buckley.

The Laurel School District issued this statement on the incident:

“Student safety and security is our number one priority. While we cannot speak to specifics concerning personnel matters, actions not indicative of the care and respect we expect from our employees are taken seriously. The incident at Laurel High School is currently under investigation and will be handled according to district policy.”

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