Port Clinton aims to celebrate 2020's lost holidays

PORT CLINTON, Ohio (WTVG) - So many 2020 holiday celebrations have been COVID-cancelled. But one local community is making up for lost time.

From St. Patrick’s Day to Easter, to the 4th of July. Port Clinton is taking all of the holidays we've missed in 2020 and celebrating them in one day.

Mayor Mike Snider of Port Clinton tells 13abc, “When we had to postpone the fireworks, once we had that backup date, we started thinking, what else can we throw in there?”

And that's how “2020 Rewind Day” was born. It’s going to be a day of Easter egg hunts, a graduation cap toss, and fireworks; Nothing like we've seen so far.

Mayor Snider says, “I want to say maybe six or eight different communities have contacted us and asked, how did we put it together?”

But these days, planning something like this requires more than just finding a date and time.

Nicole Kochensparger is the President of Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce and works alongside the mayor. She explains, “Everything that we do, including MOM that you're standing in right now, Meals on Madison, we run by the Health Department. So, we let them know what our plans are and let them tell us what they think we're doing wrong. And so far, so good.

Leaders say there's been overwhelming growth and support for the *Meals on Madison* or mom in downtown. The Mayor says more than 500 people can be found in the area on weekend evenings. But booming business for Port Clinton goes beyond street eating.

Mayor Snider says that, with so many people canceling vacations, Port Clinton is just a short drive away to get that vacation feel. He says, “Talking with our merchants, watching the Jet Express and all the people in that boat, people are coming to Port Clinton in droves.”

Mayor Snider says he's not sure how many people to expect for 2020 rewind. The Ohio Department of Health defines a mass gathering as 10 people or more, and most recent restrictions only allow gatherings - specifically, wedding receptions - to include up to 300 people. But Mayor Snider and his staff aren't worried.

“You go to the big box stores and you see folks with masks. As we're standing here, I see about a dozen people, and half of them are wearing masks,” He says. “And some of them aren’t standing 6 feet apart, but that’s happening everywhere.”

Kochensparger assures, “We have hand sanitizer all throughout downtown. We have a cleaning station within MOM, which is where most activities will be that day. Everything from table disinfectant to at a hand-washing sink, and then, of course, hand sanitizer.”

Current restrictions expire on July 1st. 2020. 2020 Rewind Day is happening August 1st, with church bells in the morning, festivals, and celebrations throughout the day, to fireworks at 10pm.

For more information, you can visit the Port Clinton Facebook page.