Change your clocks; check your smoke detector batteries

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TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - Sunday is Daylight Saving Time when we set the clocks back an hour and get an extra hour of sleep.

Fire officials say it's also a time to check the batteries in your smoke detector.

They say it's the first line of defense against a fire.

And if you don't have one, the Toledo Fire Department will give Toledo residents one, for free.

"We have smoke alarms at all of our stations. City residents can come to our stations. There's a short form to fill out for tracking purposes. And that's at no charge to our residents," says TFD Private Sterling Rahe.

Pvt. Rahe says it's also important to have smoke alarms in every room, especially bedrooms.

Firefighters say they see a lot of fires that start from small electronics and chargers.