Check It Out Before You Start That Fire

If you're thinking of starting your first blaze of the season in your fireplace you need to make sure it's been checked and cleaned first. Often times there is a build up of creosote in the fireplace and it can pose a fire hazard. Ken Never owns Ken's Chimney Sweep and Repair. Never says always keep your fireplace doors open when you're having a fire, "When you close the doors you starve the fire for oxygen which allows it to not burn as clean and efficient as it should."

You should have your chimney and fireplace inspected at least once a year for creosote build-up. If you have a brick or clay tile chimney Never says "We want to make sure the smoke chamber is in good shape. We want to make sure that the tiles themselves are not cracked or distorted or busted or anything like that."

If you have an insert in your fireplace then Never says "What we basically look for on a unit like this is curling on the pipe where the joints come together. We want to make sure it's locked together and make sure there are no waves or warping. If you have warping on stainless steel that's a sign of a chimney fire."