Chevrolet technology is designed to help keep teen drivers safe

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OREGON, Ohio (13abc Action News) - It can be a little nerve wracking to have a teen driver in your family.
But there's a relatively new technology designed to help keep them safe behind the wheel

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading cause of death for American teenagers is car accidents.
The statistics also show that in nearly half those fatalities, the teens were not buckled up. Those numbers are the reason for this new Chevy technology.

The thinking behind the technology is simple. Maureen Bender is with Chevrolet Communications,"Chevy's Teen Driver Technology is a tool to help parents manage their teen drivers vehicle settings, and to encourage safe driving."

It all starts with the screen on the dashboard, "The parent can set a four-digit pin number that only the parent has. That allows the adult to manage the settings."

When it comes to those settings, Maureen says there are a number of options."Parents can set audio limits, speed warnings, and you can also set an 85 mph limiter, so the vehicle won't go over 85 mph. The radio will also mute until all the front seat occupants have their seat belts buckled."

The system works in conjunction with the other safety features, "When you have the key fob synced with teen driver technology, it automatically turns on all active safety features."

Greg Dunn is the Sales Manager at Dunn Chevrolet Buick in Oregon. He says there's been a good response to the teen driver technology, "If your child is driving the car with the technology you have an eye in the sky along with all the other accident avoidance technology in the Chevy vehicles. The teens have a better chance of staying safe, and you are able to see what they are doing on the road. In the last 3-4 years, technology has grown tenfold in all the Chevy products."

In addition to all the settings for parents, Maureen says there's also an vehicle report card that gives adults a clear picture of the teen's driving habits, "How many times were they going over the speed limit, how many times were they hard braking, how many times were they tailgating."

All that information that can truly help save lives, "It helps give parents peace of mind as they hand over the keys to the new driver."

The Teen Driver Technology is available in 12 of the 2018 Chevy models as well as other GM vehicles.