Church members talk about cultivating change in a contemporary culture

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - A Sunday street brawl turned shooting was broadcast throughout the community live on Facebook.

Hundreds of people saw the fight on social media and then talked about ways to stop the violence in Toledo during a church meeting.

Members of Greater New Psalmist Church have been talking about 'Cultivating Change in a Contemporary Culture' for about six weeks. On Monday the conversation steered toward what happened Sunday on Macomber Street.

Authorities said De'Asia Wallace, 20, was shot and killed. Emannuel Garner, 16, is accused of murdering Wallace. Garner is also charged with felonious assault in the shooting of Tanaysia Young, 15, who is recovering from a non-life threatening gunshot wound.

Some people in the community who saw the the fight, shooting and the people who stood there and watched "disgusting."

Church members said change starts with adults.

Bishop Brehon Hall of Greater New Psalmist Church said, "it's an issue because it was a life that was lost, a senseless crime. However, it's not popular because it wasn't done by a person in blue. It was done by a young teenager and a young boy in the company of her peers."

Bishop Hall spoke to the group saying, "killing another African American and you say Black Lives Matter? Please, it's not going to matter until it starts mattering to us."

The bishop said people need to get out of the church and into the community. Parents should speak up and act when necessary.

"I mean someone could have broken it up sooner," said Leigh Miller. "An adult could have stepped in and made a difference."