Citizen task force releases its results in TARTA study

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A citizen's task force has made its recommendations for TARTA. Members were asked to look at the transit organization top to bottom and see where it heads from here.

What's interesting in this report is that it's not earth shattering. It lists many if not all the issues TARTA has already identified, which includes having the money to pay for it.

The reports lists some of the obvious: ridership is down. In fact it’s down 44% since 2007. The report also says many vehicles are at the end of their useful lives and cuts to the service have made it less useful.

The group then suggested some solutions. That first solution is money. Task force members are endorsing plan to switch from collecting property tax to a county wide sales tax, suggesting the sale tax increase a half percent. The group also recommends a rebranding of TARTA, new colors, new signage, maybe even a new name.

From a structural perspective, there was a suggestion to get rid of some fixed line routes, integrate an app for tracking services and on demand services.

But any and all changes really depend on the money and that hope to change from a property tax to sales tax. All member communities need to sign off before it gets to voters but on several occasions it's been shot down before it gets that far.

So we'll see if this report jump starts those discussions.

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