City Council to consider giving $225,000 to Family House for new HVAC system

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - At Family House in Toledo the mission is all about giving homeless families a hand up, but leaders say that's sometimes hard to do in an almost 90 year old building.

"There's a lot of expense, a lot of old technology, a lot of old everything here," said Family House board president Dino Peluso.

Peluso says one of the biggest issues is the building's heating and cooling system. He says the outdated boiler system is unreliable and that only a few rooms have air conditioning.

"We try to keep it as nice as we can, you know, bottled water, fans, those type of things, but you can only push so much air around," Peluso said.

Right now the non-profit is housing 117 people and more than half of them are kids. With cooler temps coming Peluso says it's often a struggle to keep everyone content.

"It's a miserable experience during an already miserable time in the resident's life here," Peluso said.

Next week the organization could get some help from the city to fix the problem. On its agenda council will consider dipping into the Capital Improvement Fund to give Family House $225,000. Peluso says the money will be used to remove old radiator heaters and finally bring A/C to the city-owned building.

"We're hoping that council and the mayor's office will do the right thing and think about the ones that are typically forgotten,"Peluso said.

Family House is always looking for donations so it can continue to help homeless families in our area. If you'd like to help, we've posted a link here.