City of Maumee looks to spend money to help repair ice, flooding damage at Riverside Cemetery

MAUMEE, Ohio (WTVG) - Rows and rows of grave site monuments have toppled over and some are still stuck under thick sheets of ice after the Maumee river spilled its banks and shoved huge pieces of ice inland.

"This time the ice went around our cemetery, but the water was so strong it moved the stones," Mayor Rich Carr of Maumee said.

More than 700 stones and monuments were damaged by Mother Nature's fury, but Mayor Carr says the situation could have been much worse. He points to 2015 when ice destroyed the riverfront resting place and other areas along the water.

"It's much easier this time. We have everything in computers so we know where the monuments belong," Mayor Carr said.

But in order to life hundreds of stones, clean up crews will need some help.

Next week, Maumee city council will consider spending $12,000 for equipment to get the job done.

"It will take a couple of months to get the monuments moved," Carr said. "They're going to have to wait until [there's] warmer weather because they have to seal the ones to their bases and it has to be warm enough for that epoxy to stay."

As the city focuses on the cemetery and collapsing portions of River road, the Metroparks is still assessing its own damage.

"To really get back to normal is going to take some time," Scott Carpenter, a Metroparks spokesperson said. "Asa far as park visitation, that should just get better and better."

Carpenter says despite the enormous chunks of ice still lining the riverbed, nearly everything else is business as usual.

"Hopefully, it will be awhile again before we deal with this," he said. "But, we will deal with it again."