City of Sylvania files lawsuit against township homeowners

The city of Sylvania is suing owners of nine homes in the Country Walk subdivision in Sylvania Township.
In a suit filed this week, the city says these owners agreed to annexation back when they signed an agreement to receive water through the city of Sylvania.
Homeowners we spoke with say they had no idea about this deal until the city informed them in November, they needed to sign a petition agreeing to the annexation.
"We don't like being coerced into something that's not a good feeling,” says John Hills, a resident of one of the homes listed in the lawsuit.
Hills explains, "People that do not work in a city right now and have good incomes are penalized pretty badly by going into the city. So it costs them thousands of dollars.”
Hills also says he does not plan on signing the petition, or spending the money to fight the lawsuit.
Stephen Birchard and his wife are both veterinarians who work in Toledo.
Already paying Toledo taxes, he explains they’ve signed the paperwork agreeing to the city’s terms.
"I think some of the city services are actually less expensive than what we're paying for now.”
The city of Sylvania charges 1 1/2 % income tax, but gives people who work in another city, like Toledo, a full credit. And it says it offers city residents lower water and sewer rates, and lower property taxes. Sylvania’s lawsuit argues residents who have been receiving water from the original agreement must now comply with the annexation.