City of Toledo prepares for snow storm

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - With several inches of snow and frigid temperatures on the way this weekend, the City of Toledo isn't taking any chances. Ahead of the storm, city crews headed out Thursday to apply a preemptive coat of brine to the roads, hoping to combat some of the initial slick and frozen conditions. Those crews also hauled extra salt to the two city salt barns, added plows to a number of small city trucks, and inspected all of their standard large plows.

During the storm, plows will be out in 12-hour continuous shifts making sure all the roadways are clear of snow. Streets, Bridges, and Harbor employees will spend the duration operating a crew of 60 plows, and the city has called placed a team of private plow drivers on alert. The city crews are set to tackle the 33 main roadways in the city, while the private crews are likely to be called in to clear residential areas.

“Crews will work around the clock until streets are clear,” Mayor Kapszukiewicz said. “Residents are asked to assist keeping roads passable by moving parked vehicles from streets where possible and planning ahead. Keeping streets clear of parked vehicles is a tremendous help in the snow removal process.”

The city does want to remind residents that it is their responsibility to clear the sidewalks outside their homes. Depending on the severity of the storm, the city could issue a parking ban on bus and snow emergency routes. You can find a list of those routes here

Residents should also make sure they are heating their homes safely and reduce the risk of fire hazards. Space heaters pose a risk for clothing, curtains, furniture, and other flammable items, so you should make sure to turn them off when you leave a room or go to sleep. You should also be certain to only plug one heater in to any one outlet. If possible, use a heater with an automatic shutoff feature and keep children at least three feet away. You should never use an oven for heat.