City of Toledo road crews move to pothole patrol

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - A great sign for drivers Friday. Some relief from potholes as city of Toledo crews hit the streets.

Their first stop was a perpetually bad spot: the Anthony Wayne Trail.

This is time of year the potholes pop up and the solution is something called cold patch. Now the city is heating things up to hopefully get some better results.

Even with cars quickly moving past them on the Trail, city of Toledo road teams spent Friday applying something called hot patch to the Trail. For drivers this is a welcomed sight.

"Sometimes you just need to miss them and hope you don't get a ticket cause the cop might see you swerving and think you're doing something wrong but you're missing the pot hole so you don't have 3-400 dollars in damage to your car," said Toledo driver Michael Ross.

"They're everywhere," said Toledo driver Karl Newman.

"It's messed up in Toledo," said Toledo driver Marvin McCollum.

Hot patch will hopefully clean up that mess. It's a new formula for the winter. According to the commissioner of Streets Bridges and Harbor, Dave Welch, this is a mix of recycled asphalt. Usually the city only uses cold patch this time of year but the city worked out an arrangement with the asphalt plant to produce the hot patch this time of year. Hot molds together better, hopefully creating a stronger bond, with the end goal of making your ride smoother.

“It's hectic out there," said McCollum. "It's been like that for the last several years though"

"Luckily our winter hasn't been so bad right now but as bad as the winter gets then they should be right back on it. As soon as it dries up they should be right back on it," said Ross.

The city uses hot patch during the summer but this is the first time it's been available in the winter.

They'll evaluate how it works and if it should be used this time of year in the future.