City parks getting upgrades, new wetlands habitat planned

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TOLEDO - (WTVG) - Eventually, our rainy and chilly weather will turn into warm and sunny weather and that will mean people enjoying Toledo city parks.

Crews and contractors are hostage to the wet weather and some parks haven't been cut in weeks.

They will get a chopping and the pools will be ready for the season.

At a council hearing, Monday, news of upgrades at city parks, as well.

Sixty benches, 100 picnic tables, 36 grills, even two game tables along with a complete rebuild of Smith Park's tennis courts and a new shelter at Wilson Park.

Walking paths and new playgrounds are coming in some parks.

And then there's a change coming to what's known as Penn 7 along the Maumee River. It's the spot where the city has dumped all the dredged material from the bottom of the Maumee.

The land will soon become a wetlands habitat with a fish hatchery.

Paul Rasmusson, director of the department of public service says, "The water will flow through the middle of the property then give the fish a save harbor to spawn."

The city says it has heard the complaints from taxpayers.

Parks were neglected and unattractive and frequently unused. But the city has a new focus and will keep track of whether people are showing up.

Rasmusson says the city will monitor usage by asking, "What is our utilization of parks? Are there more teams and organizations pulling permits?"

Big questions that can only be answered after the parks get the upgrades the city is promising.

Toledo is targeting early or mid- June for an opening for pools although Roosevelt Pool in Smith Park will be open June 8.

As for keeping a mowing schedule, that timetable is up to mother nature.

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