City to study development along part of Monroe Street

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TOLEDO - (WTVG) - From the ballpark downtown to a few blocks farther uptown, Toledo has seen a surge in economic development.

But from the Art Museum to Upton Street, Monroe doesn't look so good.

Elizabeth Flournoy has lived in this area for 51 years...

She's seen businesses leave... and residents with them.

Elizabeth says, "There's not even a laundromat here in this area."

The only grocery store in the area closed and shopping centers seem bare.

So Toledo is spending $20,000 to study how to lure businesses and jobs to this area.

Councilman Tyrone Riley ssays this stretch of Monroe has been "grossly neglected".

And by looking at the crime rate, education and poverty levels in the area, he says the city will have a better idea how to create a stronger economy here.

Riley says, "We want to make it more attractive for the residents, more attractive for the whole community."

The Monroe mini-mart is busy... but the manager says businesses need a better look.

Nancy Keriko says, "Beautiful signs, more lights" would improve the business area.

Enticing another grocery store would help. And news of this study gets a thumbs up to a point.

Charles Campell lives in the area. He says, "I believe they have a plan down the road but we need something now."

Change along this part of Monroe will not happen quickly, but Elizabeth says people here cannot give up.

"You have to stay optimistic or you just sort of give-up," she says.

The city is looking for a developer or planner to conduct the study and hopefully come to a conclusion by the end of the year.

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