City wants to install thousands of LED street lights

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TOLEDO - (WTVG) - Among the city's traffic lights, you see city street lights.

They turn on at night but their light is dim.

Along Broadway in South Toledo, that meant crime. But since LED lights were installed a year ago, the city says crime has dropped here 10-percent.

Linda Ruiz, with the Sofia Quintero Arts and Cultural Center says the brighter lights "brings the evening hours alive. To come through here, I feel safer."

To some, the lights shine so bright they complain.

Jeremey Jurski owns a business and some apartments along Broadway. He says, "Some of the people we rent to in the apartments upstairs complain to us about it's too bright so we got the, thicker curtains."

And crossing the busy street isn't nearly so dangerous now that drivers can see you in the bright light.

But Toledo argues there are more benefits beside improved safety and lower crime.

The mayor's deputy chief of staff, Abby Arnold, says, "There's lost of benefits. There's energy saving. there's cost savings."

But there is also the potential for a high cost.

Here's Bill Hormann's story from 5:30 Tuesday night.

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