Clock ticking on lead paint inspections of rental properties in Toledo

The clock is ticking for lead paint inspections in Toledo's highest risk rental properties. Right now there are roughly 12,000 homes in the high risk area and 700 of them still need to pass a lead paint inspection by June 30, 2018. The Toledo Lucas County Health Department says it's urging all landlords to get the properties inspected as soon as possible because as the colder Winter months approach, it's harder to paint and clean the exteriors.

The inspections run around $300 per property and if the house passes, it's good for 3 to 6 years. The health department is waiving the $45 registration fee and allowing all passed inspections to be dated June 30, 2018, to give those property owners a longer clearance. The city has broken the lead paint certification up into zones. Zone One is the highest risk for lead paint contamination and there are a high number of children from those areas that have tested positive for lead poisoning. Those are the home that have to be inspected by the end of June. the homes in zone two have to be done by the following year and the zone three by 2020. This is a link to zone map:

Landlords who don't comply with the ordinance face stiff daily fines up to thousands of dollars.