Clyde man takes Anti-Heroin Message to the President

Published: Jul. 5, 2018 at 5:47 PM EDT
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Last month the White House launched a new ad campaign targeting opioid abuse among young adults. The four new ads share the true stories of people who've battled with opioid or heroin addiction. On average the opioid crisis kills 116 Americans every day.

A Clyde, Ohio man wants his ad to be among those the President uses to get the message of opioid abuse across to young people. Richie Webber is requesting a meeting with President Trump to give him a copy of the ad that he and some friends produced. "He's actually finally declared it a State of Emergency, which we've needed for a long time," says Webber.

Webber is four years clean from heroin abuse and works full time in recovery. He points to his life as a former Ohio State High School track star. A sports injury led him to an addiction to opioid pain medications and subsequently to all out heroin addiction for years. This commercial is a natural extension of his message and his mission. "We did the commercials in the 80's, the DARE commercials and that clearly didn't work."

This new commercial is narrated by Webber's friend Chanda Lynn, and it's a head on assault on the effects of heroin use by recovering heroin addicts. "Let us recovering addicts tell our story and not pick up a drug in the first place," says Webber.