Coaches sue Maumee Valley Country Day School parents

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - Some local high school basketball coaches are now suing some of the parents at the school. It all stems from long running issues over the boys team at Maumee Valley Country Day school.

The coaches say they've had enough and that this court action is the way to go.

These issues have simmered for about a year. It was believed the issue had finally come to a head after an anonymous email went out to lots of people connected to the school. It now seems like it will all be settled in a court room.

On the court it's been a pretty good year for the Maumee Valley Country Day School Hawks. Off the court it's been messy. Now it's a legal matter.

4 members of the varsity coaching staff, which include the head coach/athletic director are suing some parents for libel and slander.
“They just want it to stop. They're getting slammed from every angle," said Bob Bahret, the coaches’ attorney.

Bahret says the allegation against the coaches are false. Allegations that became public in this mass email sent anonymously by some Maumee Valley parents. Those allegations include questionable backgrounds of adults connected to the program and alleged staffing misconduct.

“It all started over playing time. This is your classic parents being disgruntled because johnny isn't playing more minutes," said Bahret.

The school hired a private investigators to look into the allegations. She found in part:
"Most of the complaints lodged in the anonymous e-mail were not substantiated"
The investigator said: "I did not find that coaches harassed or bullied players or employed a ‘win at all costs’ philosophy."

But there were areas that needed to be corrected according to the investigator:
-Pupil activity permits were not in place at the beginning of the 2016-17 season.
-Parents did not understand the roles of the different coaches
-"Too many voices in the gym"

the 4 coaches are suing the four parents in part because the coaches believe damage to their reputations is preventing them from holding camps.

"This past summer they didn't get the camps because of the controversy. So i mean the lies and the innuendos these defendants are spreading hurts not just in the reputation but in the pocket book," said Bahret.

Bahret admits the coaches wanted to wait until after the season ended for this suit but says the coaches simply had enough.

"But then more posts and emails going out accusing them of criminal misconduct were going on, they just said OK we have enough distractions , we might as well have one more," said Bahret.
13abc could not reach the four parents listed in the suit for comment.

The coaches are asking for damages in excess of $25,000.