Coffee scavenger hunt hits the 419

Published: May. 5, 2018 at 9:12 PM EDT
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There's a new scavenger hunt with a real kick. It's called Coffee Quest 419 and there's a prize awaiting every finisher.

Welcome to Coffee Quest 419, for when you just need that morning jolt. It helps get you out of your caffeine comfort zone.

"They don't realize that they're near another great local place. And they visit the chain or whatever they see first,” Ben Spang said.

That's how these locally owned coffee shops got together to brew up this adventure.

"We're all competing with like Biggbys, McDonalds, the Starbucks,” Khoa Truong said.

Ben runs two of the hunt's 13 java joints: Plate 21 and the new Plate 1, located downtown.

"We have a liquor license down there. We do craft cocktails, beer, and wine,” Spang said.

Down the block from Plate 1, and also in Perrysburg, you'll find Maddie & Bella. Khoa is a 'crafter' there. They started off as a coffee roaster in a neighborhood garage.

"We roast all of our beans. All of our syrups are made in house,” Truong said.

Here's how it works:

"You first need to pick up a card,” Spang said.

They call it the disloyalty card, to reward you for visiting more locations. Throughout the month of May, collect 12 stamps at the 13 locations, and the t-shirt is yours.

"You'll fill out a card with your T-Shirt size and address, and we will mail you the shirt,” Spang said. "There's really nothing else you need to do besides visit the shops."

"You could come here everyday, get the same drinks everyday, but other places are also doing great things,” Truong said.

And so far, the Coffee Quest means bigger business.

"We've seen people that I would generally see at Flatlands or Rustbelt or Claro,” Truong said.

Coffee Quest is not a race. However, several people have already gotten all 12 of their stamps, and did so by early May 4th!