SAT/ACT might not be required for college admission, but the option is there

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Many ACT and SAT tests were scrapped this year, and many universities are implementing test optional for admission.

"We were actually the first public university in Ohio this year to implement a test optional admissions policy for those seniors who recently graduated, and we decided to extend that into a permanent policy for the rising seniors who will be applying to college next year," Collin Palmer, Director of Undergraduate Admissions for the University of Toledo.

Greg Owens from STARS Test Prep and Tutoring says students may want to try and take the ACT or SAT in July or August if they want a scholarship, or if they want to be admitted into a prestigious school.

"Test optional is not the same as test blind," Owens said. "Test blind means that schools aren't even looking at the SAT or ACT, but test optional means you have an option to submit your scores or not."

Test optional could benefit kids who don't test well.

"If you have a 4.5 GPA and a 21 on the ACT, that doesn't match as much, so I would definitely go the test optional route, if your scores are not matching the rest of your academic profile," Owens said.

College admissions testing will resume in July and August.