Commissioners recommit to Lake's impairment status

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TOLEDO - (13abc, Action News) - Lucas County commissioners once again pushed a resolution asking the US Environmental Protection Agency to recognize Lake Erie as "impaired".

Lucas County Treasurer and Toledo mayoral candidate Wade Kapszukiewicz made that same push in May. But mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson joined the in the movement for the first time Tuesday.

In the short term, this means local leaders are now speaking with one voice on this issue.

If you've been downtown, you've seen this ugly green slime. And the timing couldn't be more perfect because the Ohio section of the America Waterworks Association is in Toledo for a huge conference.

The commission took that opportunity to use the green Maumee River as a backdrop and declared this waterway *impaired," just as they did in January, 2016.

Commissioner Pete Gerken says, "Quite literally, this problem has come home to roost. It's not abstract anymore out in the lake. It's not around the in take where people can't see. All they gotta do is come downtown. Add 1200 people away from this area who saw it today. Maybe they will go back to their communities and say, hey everybody, what we saw in Toledo was a great downtown, a city coming on revival. what they don't need is a green river."

We talked with the Ohio EPA which says it is spending $3-billion improving waste water treatment plants and septic systems and drinking water plants. They say the federal government will just make demands and get in the way.

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