Community members raise concerns regarding a Toledo medical marijuana dispensary

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Next September Lucas County will have two medical marijuana dispensaries.

People have applied for licenses, including a group called Glass City Alternatives, LLC.

Those with Glass City Alternatives, LLC said they want to operate a dispensary at a former veterinary clinic on West Sylvania Avenue.

Mark Jacobs said at a public meeting on Monday they're waiting to hear if their application was approved or denied.

In the meantime, a meeting was held specifically to provide the public with more information.

A hand full of people at the meeting had no issue with a dispensary. They said they don't want it in their backyard.

Ron Scanlon said, "it's all about location. I don't think any of them reject to the medical marijuana. Just don't put it in a residential neighborhood where you got kids."

Members of Glass City Alternatives, LLC said they chose the location because of the size of the building, it meets state and local codes and accessibility to the facility.

A plan commission hearing is scheduled for December 7, 2017.