Community rallies to help Fremont dog shot during home invasion

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FREMONT, Ohio (13abc Action News) - Fremont Police are looking for whoever shot a dog during a home invasion. Bruzer went through days of emergency medical treatment, and the case brought a lot of people together who worked to help save him.

Thursday, Fremont police and The Sandusky County Dog Warden thanked a lot of them for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Bruzer was first brought to the Westview Veterinary Hospital in Fremont last Friday morning where he was treated for a couple hours. It quickly became apparent that he needed to be transferred to a specialty hospital in Columbus. Two employees at Westview clocked out of work, and volunteered their time to get him there.

Helping animals is their business at Westview, and that's exactly what the entire staff did last Friday morning when Bruzer was rushed to the clinic. Bruzer had been shot several times after defending one of his owners during a home invasion. Dr. Brandy Nuhfer treated him when he was brought in, "He was still responsive, but he was in a very critical state. His lung was punctured so he was not breathing well. We started oxygen right away."

Dr. Nuhfer says it was clear Bruzer needed to be transferred to a trauma specialist. Sarah Joseph is one of two Westview vet techs who volunteered to drive Bruzer to MedVet in Columbus. It is still tough for Sarah to talk about that day,"Animals are our life. This is not just our job, they are out passion. We work to save every animal we can, but it doesn't always work out that way."

Bruzer had a lot of community support right from the start. Sandusky County Dog Warden Kelly Askins says the Ballville Township Fire Department even loaned an oxygen mask and tank to help him make the trip to Columbus,"Bruzer touched so many people in the short amount of time we knew him. If they took the oxygen mask off him while they were treating him, he would lick them. Even with several gun shot wounds he still showed everyone who was helping him his appreciation. He touched everyone who worked on him that day."

In addition to the staff at Westview, the Fremont Police, the Dog Warden's Office and all the other professionals involved with the case, Askins says the community rallied to help pay Bruzer's medical bills, "You lose faith in people when you see a lot of ugly in the world. Then something like this happens and your heart is filled. It renews your faith in people."

After several days of emergency treatment, Bruzer lost his fight. He died earlier this week. Fremont Police Chief Dean Bliss says his detectives are working the case, "The whole situation is very unusual. Every lead that comes in the detectives are working on."

Askins says everyone involved with this case has the same wish, "I hope whoever did this is caught soon and brought to justice so that Bruzer did not die in vain." Bruzer certainly died loved by a lot of people in Fremont.

If you know anything about this case, Fremont Police ask that you give them a call. The number is (419) 332-6464.

There are a number of medical bills from Bruzer's care. If you would like to help out, we've posted a link to his GoFundMe page. It's at the right side of this web story.