Concerns about videos from recent rally organizer

Published: Jun. 13, 2020 at 8:04 AM EDT
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There's concern this week about social media videos created by one of the men heading up this area's racial equality rallies. Some people worried he's sending the wrong message.

It was on Reynolds road near Hill avenue that Lino Ruiz actually brought Toledo's police chief to speak with protestors. A watershed moment. Ruiz's sensitivity on some other matters is raising some questions.

The videos in question were on the social media platform Tik Tok. On his page, Ruiz posted a video on May 21st inside an ambulance. He's an EMT and tells the 13abc I-team he was off duty when he and a co-worker recreated a widely viewed Tik Tok video in which he tries to convince this patient not to kill himself.

Ruiz told 13abc Friday he's advocating in the video for people not to kill themselves.

You may have seen Ruiz several times over the last few weeks. He's organized several Black Lives Matter and racial equality rallies. He was even standing next to Toledo's mayor just this week amid discussion of police reforms.

His Tik Toks raised concerns from 13abc viewers who brought them to our attention. Including one titled "Everyone got these people in their high school." One part of the video depicts a basketball player. There’s also something called "the ratchet girl."

Ruiz says the people in this video are not depicting anyone of any particular race and can be taken in any context to which people choose. He added these video are part of his private life, they're just for fun and not a big deal.

What he says is a big deal is the cause he's working for and with. He says this moment is bigger than any one single person.

The I-Team did speak with a mental health professional, Doctor Erin Wiley. She says videos like this aren't helpful to de stigmatize mental health. She says some people feel ashamed of mental health issues.

We spoke to Ruiz about these videos Friday afternoon. A few minutes after we spoke to him he deleted them and a few other videos off his Tik Tok.