Confusing figures plague Perrysburg Schools levy issue

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PERRYSBURG, Ohio (WTVG) - In Perrysburg, two numbers are causing confusion for some voters. Now those responsible for them say they've corrected the issue.

"What we're presenting you is pretty good approximations," John McAvoy of the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition said.

McAvoy's group is the same one that's leading the charge to reject a new operational levy at Perrysburg Schools.

"The current levy—we can't support it," McAvoy said.

If approved, the levy will span five years starting at 7.9 mills and end at 14.2 mills. To try to help voters understand it all McAvoy's group put together a chart.

"The goal is to get the voter the most accurate information we possibly can," McAvoy said.

The chart initially showed that property taxes would increase by 34%, something McAvoy says solely represents money going to the schools. Wood County's auditor tells 13abc, however, that number is wrong and based on a different school district.

To alleviate confusion McAvoy's group reworked its chart Tuesday to show a 24% increase instead that represents the overall jump in just property tax. Either way, McAvoy insists his group's math is right.

"In reality, the school tax itself is going up 34%—the school portion of the tax," McAvoy said. "The total portion of your property tax is going up 24%."

For superintendent Tom Hosler the group's efforts simply make things confusing for voters.

"This is a huge decision for our community, and you can't use new math or fuzzy math to make that work to your end," Hosler said.

The Perrysburg superintendent says the numbers put out by his district are accurate and a recent state audit shows how a "no" vote will negatively affect students.

"We have to be right," Hosler said. "We owe it to those students to be absolutely right."

Now in a time when voters are faced with a tough decision Hosler says he hopes they seek out the truth.

"When they go in it's important that they have the right information, accurate information," Hosler said.

If you have questions about the upcoming levy you're urged to call the Wood County Auditor's Office. Leaders there will work with you to determine exactly how the new tax could affect you. We've also put a link to the county's tax calculator in the sidebar of this story.