Construction on SR 199 in Perrysburg nearing end

PERRYSBURG, Ohio (WTVG) - Administrators with the City of Perrysburg say that the weather has slowed work at the intersection of Eckel Junction and 199.

This project started in late September, and was scheduled to be finished this week. Crews are working to put in an additional northbound lane on SR 199, and to install a traffic signal. City officials tell 13abc that weather has delayed work on the traffic signal, and that the new signal is expected to be installed by the end of November or the beginning of December. Until then, a stop sign is still in place and drivers cannot access Eckel Junction off of 199 north of the I-75 overpass.

South of that overpass, ODOT crews are still working on the roundabout at 199 and Carronade. Rebecca Dangelo with ODOT explains that local drivers can get through the new roundabout, but thru-drivers still can't continue on 199 through the roundabout. Rebecca says that the roundabout should be fully functional by the end of the day today or tomorrow. Once the roundabout is fully open, Eckel Junction will no longer connect to 199 south of I-75. Rebecca says that it will become a dead-end road.