Consumer groups names "Worst toys of 2017"

Photo courtesy: MGN

Consumer group W.A.T.C.H. just released their top ten most dangerous toys of 2017. Every year, the non-profit releases a list of toys with potential hazards, before the holiday shopping season.

Topping the list this year is fidget spinners. The group says the small ball bearings could be a choking hazard. Other toys of concern include a Nerf zombie strike deadbolt crossbow, and a baby toy sold at Hallmark that has been recalled but is still available for purchase online.

10 Nominees for the "Worst Toys 2017"

-Hallmark “itty bittys” baby stacking toy

-Pull along pony

-Wonder Woman battle-action sword

-Hand fidgetz spinners

-Spider-man spider-drone official movie edition

-Nerf zombie strike deadbolt crossbow

-Slackers slackline classic series kit

-Oval xylophone

-Jetts heel wheels

-Brianna babydoll

The Toy Association is firing back at the report, saying all toys undergo extensive testing for safety before hitting the market.

If you want to see the full report on the "Worst Toys of 2017" click the PDF on the right of this story.

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