Ohio bill seeks to ban trans athletes from female sports

TOLEDO (WTVG) - It's a controversial issue -- transgender women athletes. Now, two Ohio lawmakers are proposing a bill dubbed the Save Women's Sports Act.

A transgender rights group plans to sue the state of Idaho over a proposed bill that makes it illegal for someone to change their gender identity on a birth certificate. (Source: MGN)

The bill would designate male and female sports teams to be based upon the biological sex of an individual. This would mean biological males cannot play on female teams.

The measure is getting strong opposition from the trans community.

Two Republican lawmakers, Jena Powell from Arcanum and Reggie Stolzfus from Paris Township, are the bill's sponsors.

Both lawmakers, speaking at a press conference, said the measure is a "fairness issue for women."

The legislation goes further to protect a school or college from being punished by a government entity under state and federal non-discrimination law.

Dr. Roger Kruse, a sports medicine specialist, said he's neutral on the issue, but he also said there is a lot of discussion about this, especially in elite-level sports.

"Even though they're put on medicines to decrease testosterone levels, there's great debate whether that helps enough to make competition fair," Kruse said.

The upcoming Tokyo Olympics have established a committee for this issue.