Cooler issue prompts health concern at Wendy's

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HOLLAND, Ohio (WTVG) -- For a few hours today, the Wendy's at 6525 Airport Hwy, Holland in Spring Meadows voluntarily closed.

It was not forced to close by the Toledo-Lucas Co. Health Department, but the reason for the shut down stemmed from a possible health concern.

Two people called the health department claiming they ate hamburgers there and got sick.

That prompted a visit from a sanitarian who found:

"Food in the walk-in cooler holding at 39-54F.
Milk was 54F, cooked mushrooms were 53F, ground beef was 39-45F, chocolate frosty mix was 47F.
The out of temperature food was discarded."

Food in that cooler was supposed to be colder than 41 degrees.

"It was not up to code," explains Toledo-Lucas Co. Health Commissioner Eric Zgodzinski. "You know, we went out there for a complaint and we found that this was an issue. Again, we're not saying that there's a link or not a link, all we're saying is that you know, these are the facts we have at this point in time."

So, the cooler may or may not have been the culprit, but that issue is now fixed and this Wendy's is once again open for business.

All of the food in question was thrown out.

The General Manager tells 13abc this location brought in product from other stores so it could reopen.