Could plastic bags be banned in Bowling Green?

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Bowling Green, OH (WTVG) - When you go to the store a clerk puts your items in a plastic bag. But Bowling Green is considering banning those plastic bags.

At South-Side-6, the owner sells liquor and food and puts it in convenient plastic bags.

But he supports a plastic bag ban...

So Shaheen, the owner of South Side 6 says, "The most convenient one for us is the plastic, but I imagine a paper bag will have to work."

Shaheen buys 1,000 plastic bags for $32.

According to this site, paper bags could cost him twice as much.

But some customers just do not like plastic, like Katherine, who says plastic easily tears.

Katherine Shaffer says, "If they ask me which one do I want, I always take the paper. I don't take the plastic."

But is paper better?

We found a website that cites a study which found paper has it's own problems saying paper is thicker than plastic, takes up more landfill space, generates more air and water pollutants when made and isn't as sturdy as plastic.

But Bowling Green wants to ban plastic bags. However, some bags would be spared.

Pharmacy bags, dry cleaner bags, food storage bags even fruit and vegetable bags could be still be used.

Councilman Mark Hollenbaugh says carving exceptions like those only creates problems, but he says plastic makes for easy street litter.

Hollenbaugh told 13abc reporter Bill Hormann, "I saw three plastic bags tumbleweeding around parking lots. So didn't see any paper bags tumbleweeding around parking lots."

Or people could bring their own bags. But that's not a great option for everyone.

Nancy Shaner says, "(Clerks) tend to load the other bags with too much stuff in them. Those I can load 4 or 5 (plastic bags) in each arm and carry them in."

Council may decided on some sort of a measure Tuesday night or maybe it won't. Or maybe it will decide to seek to put it on the ballot in November. But whatever, plastic bags are on the agenda Tuesday at 6pm at Bowling Green City Council chambers.

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