Council member Sam Melden to tackle neighborhood speeding

Published: Jul. 10, 2020 at 12:09 PM EDT
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In the midst of a federal bribery scandal rocking Toledo City Council, council members not involved in the case are still trying to do their jobs.

District Five council member Sam Melden wants Toledo parents to feel safe letting their children play outside.

"Every time I would knock doors in district 5 I would ask, 'What's something that's important to you? What do you want to see change in your city and in your local government?' And over, and over, and over again they would point right past me and point out at their street and say, 'I wish people would stop speeding down my street. I wish this were more safe. I wish this Stop sign were there. I wish we had speed bumps. I wish we could make it more safe for my kids to play outside,"" he says.

Council member Melden is working on legislation to tackle speeding on neighborhood streets.

This comes on the heels of the city suspending its red light and speed camera programs after its appeals process was struck down by the State Supreme Court.

But recent events muddy the waters when it comes to passing any legislation in the council. The council hasn't voted on any legislation in over two weeks because of complications by four current members facing federal bribery charges. Tuesday's meeting was adjourned without any voting taking place due to the three indicted members who were in attendance refusing to leave.

The city's law director is expected to provide some clarity Friday concerning the council's operation going forward.

Yet Melden says council can't let the investigation derail what council members were elected to do.

"Anyone close to the situation knows that city council has a lot of issues right now. The city, in general, is facing a lot. I'm not thinking about them. I didn't get elected to work for them. I got elected to work for the single mother living on Berdan who has an 18-month-old that's just learning how to walk and run around and it's the summer and she doesn't want her kid to play in the front yard because she's afraid of what might happen with a car driving too fast," he says.

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