Councilman may push new tax to fix residential streets

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TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - Get ready Toledo. If you want your residential street fixed you may have to pay more in taxes.

One council member has a plan that could fix your road but cost you money.

We all know the problem. Potholes are not just a menace on the main streets in town, but they are on *your* street, as well.

In some neighborhoods, even the speed bumps have potholes.

Toledo doesn't have the money to resurface all the roads that need it.

And patching is just a Band-Aid...

Councilman Gary Johnson wants a longer- term solution that involves resurfacing not just filling potholes.

But that will cost a lot of money, so Johnson is proposing a new levy to raise enough money to fix the worst streets.

Johnson admits, "It's definitely a tax increase but it's definitely something that if we don't do, the roads are going to get worse. They're not going to get better."

Another road repair tax...

Reggie Williams says, "I would want to make sure my dollars are spend wisely. And so for, another tax increase? I'm not for that."

We've been down this road before, when mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson's *tax- hike- for- road- repair- plan* failed two years ago.

But Johnson says, this time, we wants to create list of roads *before you vote*. "I think it needs to be on a priority basis so we would take the worst streets first," he told 13abc reporter Bill Hormann.

Amber Benardo says if her street were on the list she would vote to increase her tax. "Yes, if it was a guaranteed thing and I know I wouldn't have to worry about popping my tire on the way to my house, yes."

But others may vote against it if their roads *are not* on the list.

This could get dicey.

But after spending $250 on a new tire, Lashawn Nash says she'd vote for the tax hike. "If the money was definitely going to go toward fixing the streets, definitely I would."

Right now, there's a lot of unknowns. We don't know how much this bond or the repairs would cost. We don't know what the cost would be to homeowners. We don't even know how long the bond will last. But Gary Johnson wants to put the plan together, have some public hearings, let council vote and then maybe you'll get to decide whether to raise your own taxes to fix your streets in November.

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