Creative Service Videographer

Published: May. 26, 2020 at 1:01 PM EDT
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Field/studio direction and videography, ensuring particular emphasis on shot composition, creative lighting and audio

• Follow direction from creative team and/or work independently

• Strong understanding of camera techniques (compound shots, reveals, rack focus, etc.)

• Basic maintenance and organization of videography equipment

• Basic knowledge of non-linear editing

• Organize and understand media files and video formats

• Adhere to a flexible schedule (occasional night, weekend and breaking news shoots)

• Uphold professional relationships with clients, agencies, account executives and 13abc employees

• Responsible for any other duties in the scope and spirit of this job description

• All other terms and conditions of employment with WTVG 13abc will be governed by the employee manual

A degree in Broadcast Communications / TV, Radio and Film / Visual Technology / related field is preferred

• At least 2 years of industry or university-based experience

• Knowledge of DSLR, GoPro, multiple camera shoots, grip work and electrical

• Skilled with camera & lighting accessories (dolly, jib, Glide Cam, wireless field monitor, 3 point lighting, cinematic/dramatic lighting etc.)

• Desire to learn new technologies, hardware, software and new techniques to remain on the leading edge of technology in video production

• Ability to be creative and innovative

• Excellent time management, organizational and multi-tasking skills

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