Crews from Curtice head to North Carolina to assist with hurricane relief

Homes flooded by Hurricane Florence in Wilmington, North Carolina, Photo Date: September 14, 2018 / Photo: MSNBC / (MGN)

CURTICE, OH (WTVG) - More than 600 miles away from where Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall, pickup trucks in Curtice, Ohio are loaded with supplies.

"We are taking 12 trucks down there and filling everything up with fuel tanks," Justin Frank said. "Then we do network disaster recovery."

Frank is preparing for the long road to Raleigh, North Carolina just two days ahead of when Hurricane Florence is expected to reach the Carolina coast.

"This is our fourth hurricane that we have deployed on," said Frank.

Frank is a network disaster field engineer.

His crews job is to help keep cell phone service up and running during severe storms for companies including, Verizon Wireless.

"When all their power goes down, the cell phone towers fo do and the people that need to get a hold of 911 and help can't do that until those towers are up," Frank said.

His crew that started the prep work todaya re volunteers, leaving their families for up to a month until the job is done.

"I did Hurricane Erma last year with this guys. It's scary, very scary," said Ed Taylor who is leaving behind his 10-year-old stepson.

"I dropped him off at school this morning and gave him a big hug, and told him I'd see him soon," Taylor said.

It's not clear how long the crew will be in North Carolina assisting with the hurricane relief efforts.

"A lot of people out there don't think that Curtice, Ohio, this little place, is coming down to safe the day in a hurricane," Frank said. "It's kind of a neat thing that we get to do."