Crisis Intervention Team officers awarded

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - Two words can bring a smile to your face and those words are, "Thank you."

Toledo Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Officers Kerry Hayes and David Avalos were recognized at the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities board meeting on Monday.

The officers have helped an intellectually disabled individual on multiple occasions. Their last meeting was unlike others in the past.

"The issue was safety," said Officer Hayes. "He was very receptive and very accepting of what we had to say and we really enjoyed it."

Toledo police didn't have to intervene in a crisis. They sat down for a plain old conversation.

Officer Avalos said, "we've enjoyed being able to talk to Dell on a couple of occasions."

Michele Myerholtz, the Asst. SSA Dir. said, "his staff has reported a huge change in him.

To say thank you, both CIT officers were awarded for their efforts.

Lt. Brain Twining said, "they've been CIT officers for many years. They're excellent officers."

"The program gives us a better understanding of how individuals with certain disabilities react to law enforcement and react in general," added Avalos. Learning about people with disabilities "allows us to better help them."

Hayes said, "we're perfectly willing to do more for him if we can."

Myerholtz said she thanks the Mental Health and Recovery Services agency for the relationship between the individual and law enforcement. She said without them this meeting might not have happened as easily as it did.