Customers having trouble getting clocks back after repairs

SYLVANIA, Ohio (13abc Action News) - UPDATE: Clock Shop owner John Mitchell tells 13abc he'll open the shop temporarily Tuesday November 28th and Wednesday November 29th from 10:00am-2:00pm.

A clock controversy getting to a boiling point in Sylvania. Lots of people took their clocks there for repair months ago and they still don't have them back.

It seemed like something basic: Your clock's not working, you take it somewhere to get repaired and you get it back. That’s not happening in Sylvania and people are sick of it.

The clock being repaired for Carol Wahl is special because it's from her son when he was stationed with the Army in Germany.

"During that time he sacrificed to get me that clock. His brother chipped in, his dad chipped in. I thought that was a spectacular gift," said Wahl.

She brought it to Mitchell's clock shop on Main street in Sylania about three weeks before Easter.

Now as we get close to Thanksgiving, it's still in the shop. She spoke to the owner several times and he said he needed more time. Then according to the signs on the door, the owner got sick. The clocks stayed inside.

"I just want my clock back. I understand, I'm sympathetic that the man has health issues but there comes a time when you need have to tell yourself I can't handle this, these people need their clocks," said Wahl.

Wahl's not the only one, there are several notes on the Mitchell's door asking for their clocks back.

No one answered that door Friday afternoon. At one point there was a note there telling people to call another man to get the clocks.

We talked to him Friday. He gave us Mitchell's cell phone. It went right to voicemail and the mailbox is full. The same dead end people like Wahl have been getting for months.

"Mr. Mitchell please I hope you get better and I hope you let go of these clocks and we will all be very happy and thankful," said Wahl.

Some have talked about legal action against the clock shop owners.
We tried to talk with Sylvania prosecutors but they had the holiday off Friday. Count on 13abc to be back at it next week, to see if people can get some resolution and get their clocks back.