Dangerous driving conditions in Saturday rainstorms

Snow is not the culprit of the dangerous driving conditions this January weekend, but the heavy rainfall throughout the day and night has Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers on alert.

Their main concerns are the bridges, overpasses, and on-ramps flooding, and many drivers being too distracted to notice.

"If you're going fast you're covering a lot more distance, it's hard to miss those hazards in the roadways especially with standing water," says Sgt. Matthew Geer from the Bowling Green post. "If you're driving fast you may not see it until the last minute and it's too late."

Wind advisories and flood warnings this weekend were issued around areas along the Maumee River, and the River Raisin in Monroe County.

More rural areas without street lights make flooded roadways and other objects even tougher to spot this time of year, with the sun setting just before 6 PM.

Add distractions like cell phones to the mix while driving, and that's a deadly combination.

"You can't be looking at your phone, you can't be messing with what's going on inside your car. You have to be focused on the folks around you and the road conditions," adds Geer.