Daycare center won't lose license

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The owner of a daycare center accused of leaving a toddler in a park during a field trip says she fired the workers responsible for the mistake. Job and Family Services wrapped up its investigation. The owner of Kidz Are Us says no action will be taken against her license. The owner says she has implemented a buddy system to keep the children safe. She says all child care staff members were retrained on supervision of children and on the new policy and procedures on their new system. When the center is off premises at an outdoor play space all child care staff members will accompany and supervise each child and will have knowledge of each child needs at all times. The owner says when the outdoor play space is not on premises, they will use a buddy system for all children. Each child will be assigned to another child. Each child care staff member will be assigned to a group of four children only while off premises. The child care staff member will be responsible for the four children and will ensure that all four children are within sight and hearing at all times in order to prevent this non-compliance in the future.