Dearly Beloved: Marriage on Valentine's Day

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Flowers, chocolate and dinner are Valentine’s Day classics, but some couples decide to take it a step further.

30 couples in Lucas County applied for a marriage license a year ago today. By noon Wednesday, 11 had already filed the paperwork.

Two couples decided to get married Valentine’s Day, as part of a radio contest put on by Q105.5.

“I do!” Bruce Boerst said.

“Brides, do you take your stud muffin of a man as your lawful wedded husband?” the minister asked.

“You know it!” new bride Kathy Boerst said.

Meet the new Mr. and Mrs. Boerst. Kathy and Bruce planned on getting married at their cottage, but went the spontaneous route.

“Let's do this,” Kathy said. “Our relationship has been crazy, so why not get married in a crazy way?”

Seven years after a chance meeting at the Frickers... here they are in the ballroom at the Quality Inn.

“She always looks after everybody before herself. You don't find that in a woman very often,” Bruce said of his new wife.

“He has my back all the time,” Kathy said of Bruce.

“You may kiss your lovely brides,” the minister chimed in.

If you're talking marriage in Lucas County, there's only one man to talk to. After all, if you've been married in the last two plus decades, his name is on your wedding license.

“Certainly tens and tens of thousands of marriage licenses have my name on them through the last 27 years, the judge said.

Judge Jack Puffenberger runs the marriage office, so you know he must have advice for the newlyweds...

“Secret to me is do exactly as I'm told. Don't ask any questions, everything goes fine with me,” Judge Puffenberger joked.

It’s working. He’s been married since 1973.

“September will be 45 years,” he said.

The judge says his staff loves Valentine’s Day. If you're wondering, the divorces happen across the street. So what does he really say to the dearly beloveds?

“I just tell them, you have to have faith in each other. There are ups-and-downs in life and ups-and-downs in marriages.”