Death toll now 305 after Mexico earthquake

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Officials say the death toll from this week’s magnitude 7.1 earthquake in central Mexico has climbed to 305.

Civil Defense chief Luis Felipe Puente sent out a tweet on Saturday saying 167 of those deaths were in Mexico City.

Morelos state accounted for 73, Puebla for 45, Mexico State for 13, Guerrero for six and Oaxaca for one.

Rescue work is continuing four days after the quake struck.

No place is treating more victims of this week’s deadly earthquake than Mexico City’s Xoco General Hospital.

When the seismic alarm for a new quake sounded on Saturday morning, hospital workers ordered visitors to evacuate.

That included 43-year-old Syntia Pereda, who was at the bedside of her sleeping boyfriend. Forty-nine-year-old Jesus Gonzalez fell from a third-story balcony of a building where he was working when Tuesday’s magnitude 7.1 quake hit, and he’s awaiting surgery.

Pereda said she didn’t want to leave: “I was worried about him.” But she left the building and came back in when the shaking stopped.

Pereda said she feels like people are getting accustomed to being on edge. A quake alarm can go off at any moment and “you say, well, it is God’s will.”

Search and rescue teams in Mexico City on Friday continued to look for people buried in the rubble from collapsed buildings after Tuesday’s magnitude 7.1 earthquake.

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