Decommissioned grenade at Monroe Middle School

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The Monroe Police department was notified that a student at the Monroe Middle School was in possession of a grenade on school grounds Wednesday. The teenage suspect had shown the device to students and made threatening statements to "blow up the school." Acting on the information, School Resource Officer Brian Winsjansen conducted a search of the student's locker and located an actual hand grenade. Upon locating the grenade, Officer Winsjensen noted it to have been modified and made incapable of detonating. Further inspection of the grenade confirmed that the device was not capable of exploding and did not pose a threat to anyone.
The student was removed from class and taken into custody by Officer Winsjansen. Witnesses were interviewed and confirmed that the grenade had been displayed by the student multiple times during the day. Based on the witness statements the juvenile was subsequently lodged at the Monroe County Youth Center for possession of a device that is represented as an explosive or bomb.
Anyone with further information regarding the investigation is asked to contact the Monroe Police Department.