Defiance community feeling effects of GM strike

DEFIANCE, Ohio (WTVG) - As we head into week 5 of the nationwide GM strike, the effects are being felt throughout our region. Now we’re taking a closer look at how it's affecting Defiance.

Although only open since February, GM workers have made The Rumor Mill part of their routine.

"I get a lot of them that get off third shift or getting ready to go in for their day shift," said Christina Colburn, owner of The Rumor Mill.

There's currently no day shift at this plant, no shifts as a matter of fact. The roughly 500 UAW workers are on the picket line. They didn't want to speak on camera but Local 211's president says his members are in this for the long haul. A strike where especially in a smaller town, everyone is connected in some way

“I've got a lot of friends and family out there so, you know, go forward. I've got a few guys who have been out there for 5 years and are still temps. They're still not in there full time," said Colburn.

Temporary workers are one of the major sticking points. Just part of negotiations that are out of the hands of anyone out here but these are the places feeling the effects.

“Get it settled where it's agreeable to both sides. You've got to have give or take on both sides. It can't be all one sided either way," said Colburn.

13abc checked with the Defiance income tax department. They've not yet calculated what this strike has meant to city finances. This strike, though, doesn't just affect the plant but also suppliers and other businesses that support it.