Boil advisory lifted in Delta

DELTA, Ohio (WTVG) - UPDATED: The boil advisory in the Village of Delta has been lifted by the Ohio EPA.

Delta residents came home Tuesday to a bit of a surprise -- low or no water pressure to cook dinner. A broken water main caused low water pressure, and that's when the trouble started.

"My husband and I were getting ready to make dinner and he noticed that the water wasn't working. So he thought that maybe it was, you know, a fluke," Delta resident Eileen Boellner said.

It wasn't a fluke. For Boellner, there was no water at all. For others in Delta, there was a trickle.

"(Tuesday) afternoon late, we experienced a rupture of a water main," Delta Village superintendent Brad Peebles said.

So much water leaked that pressure in the system was low.

"If the pressures are low enough, water can siphon back into the system instead of pushing water out. We do not have any indication that that is the case," says Peebles.

The water is being tested and results are expected Thursday. Until then, the town remains under a boil advisory.

"We felt for safety reasons, we needed to institute the boil advisory," says Peebles.

The public needed to know. Village officials took to Facebook, which was not universally popular.

"Not everyone has social media," says Boellner.

"I would say for the most part it works. Does it reach everybody? Probably not. But it seems as though the majority of people in the community were aware of the situation," says Peebles.

Today, notices were posted on every door.

"It's inconvenient, but it just happens, that part of life. Accidents happen and water mains break," says Boellner.

The bacteria tests are expected to come back tomorrow afternoon. The Village expects them to say that the water is safe. Until then, citizens should boil any water they consume. Using the water for laundry and showering is safe.