TPS Deputy Superintendent arrested on suspicion of D.U.I.

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BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) - The Deputy Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools is facing a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Brian Murphy, 44, is in the Wood County Jail this morning after he was arrested overnight.

Toledo Police say they started following a vehicle southbound on I-75 after they spotted it swerving in and out of lanes.

Once the vehicle crossed into Wood County, officers alerted police to be on the lookout for a reckless driver.

Police in Bowling Green spotted Murphy's vehicle on Wooster Street, where they pulled him over.

A report alleges "Murphy's eyes were red, blood shot and watery. He had the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person. His clothes had the faint odor of vomit."

Officers eventually took Murphy into custody and say he refused to take a breathalyzer.

An arrest report also shows that Murphy became aggressive with an officer after being asked to sign paperwork.

The arresting officer wrote, "[Murphy] squared his body towards me and leaned in so that his face was only a few inches from me. He raised his voice and tensed his muscles. He then threw the stylus and said he was not signing and cursed."

Jim Gault, TPS executive transformational leader, issued a statement Friday regarding the incident:

"Mr. Brian Murphy, Deputy Superintendent for Toledo Public Schools, has been placed on paid administrative leave as a result of an incident that occurred in Bowling Green, Ohio on December 21, 2017. He will remain on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation."

Murphy is due in court on January 3 for an initial appearance with his attorney.

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