Do you know what your children are texting?

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - Do you know what your children are texting and posting on the internet?

A parental protection software service, called "Bark" has flagged some of the more troubling online and texting slang.

Here are some acronyms most parents aren't familiar with.

KPC- Keeping parents clueless
IWSN- I want sex now
GNOC- Get naked on camera
1174- Party location
CU46- See you for sex
53X- Sex
9- Parent watching
99- Parent gone
(L)MIRL- Let's meet in person
8- oral sex
IPN- I'm posting naked
LH6- Let's have sex
WTTP- Want to trade pictures
GYPO- Get your pants off

"Get naked on camera, I can't believe that they wouldn't understand that what trouble that leads to." said Paul McGrew.

Parents should monitor what your children text.