Dog found near death in Toledo is making a remarkable recovery

Published: Mar. 14, 2017 at 5:19 PM EDT
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A dog found wandering the streets of Toledo near death is on the road to recovery tonight. His name is Gabe. He's made remarkable progress in a matter of days, but he has a long way to go.

Gabe's story has really come full circle.Some of the people who are taking care of him now were also part of his life several years ago when he was at Lucas County Canine Care and Control.

He was picked up on the streets last week in desperate need of help.

He was taken back to Lucas County Canine Care and Control and then transferred to the Lucas County Pit Crew. Jean Keating is the Executive Director,"It's horrifying to see the condition he is in."

Keating says Gabe weighs about half what he should weigh, "He scored a 1-2 on a 9 point scale. He has muscle wasting and not a stitch of anything other than skin and bone on his body."

That means he needs round-the-clock care, and that's coming from Robin Rayner, who didn't hesitate to take in her old friend. The two first met in 2014.Robin is a volunteer at Lucas County Canine Care and Control. Gabe was one of her favorites. After months at the shelter, he was eventually adopted. Robin was shocked when she saw him again, "You can't help but get emotional when you see him knowing how he was then and how he is now. You wonder how could this happen?"

Keating says the hope is that they will get some answers, "We have asked Toledo Area Humane Society cruelty investigators to look into the situation. We would certainly feel better if someone was held accountable, but it doesn't matter to Gabe. All that matters to him is that he has people who love him. He has a lot of people who love him now"

Gabe gets a serious of small meals throughout the day. Keating says just like losing the weight, putting it back on is a slow process, "When you have as much muscle wasting as Gabe does, it is a long process of nearly starving to death, literally. He's truly lucky to be alive."

It's amazing to see that even with what he went through, Gabe still shares kisses and wags his tail for everyone. Rayner says he loves a good game of fetch too, "He's definitely coming around . You can see it in his eyes, his eyes are getting brighter." Gabe's future is getting brighter too. Everyone who is helping him heal believes this tale will have a happy ending, "We're very optimistic that that in about six weeks we'll see the old Gabe again. After that we can get him ready to go up for adoption."

Jean and Robin want everyone to know if you need help with getting food for your pet, there is a local pet food bank that gives people free food for their cats and dogs. It's at the Humane Ohio Clinic on Tremainsville in Toledo.

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