Dog found with horrific injuries makes remarkable recovery

Published: Apr. 10, 2019 at 5:00 PM EDT
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An update to a story we've been following for weeks. A dog that wasn't expected to survive has made an incredible recovery. It's all thanks to an entire crew of volunteers. We do want to warn you that some of the video may be disturbing to you.

The dog was found near death by Good Samaritans in February.

The Lucas County Pit Crew took her in and named her Skylar. Jean Keating is Executive Director of the volunteer rescue group, and says the dog has made a remarkable turn around, "She's funny and very smart. She loves everyone she meets. She is also very happy to meet new people. She wants attention and learns very quickly."

It's hard to imagine that less than two months ago Skylar was found huddled next to a building with injuries so severe she wasn't expected to live. We first met Skylar when she was having her bandages changed at the vet's office last month.

Keating says Skylar is still on some medications but her progress is amazing, "Her injuries appeared to be puncture wounds that had been left untreated. She was septic. The tissue was dying in parts of her body. Her care is a work in progress. This is not your every day type of situation. It's like a puzzle we are trying to figure out. Skylar had surgery last week, and she may need another procedure."

The most serious injuries are on her face and mouth. Lisa Papenfuss is fostering Skylar and says it is rewarding to see the progress, "The cut was wide open from the edge of her mouth all the way up to her ear. There was a piece where you could see all the way down to the tissue.There was also a big hole from her cheek into her mouth. Even with all that, she has been a great patient."

Keating says Skylar's recovery is all thanks to the emergency care at West Toledo Animal Hospital and constant care from Pit Crew volunteers, "Somehow Skylar had enough spirit in her to say this is not the end of my story. She rallied and it is remarkable. Most dogs would not have survived that."

Skylar not only survived, she's thriving. Papenfuss says Skylar has put on more than ten pounds, and she's mastering a few tricks, "After what she's been through, just to see the joy in her personality, it's amazing!"

Keating says Skylar's story will only get better from here, it will just take a little more time, "As soon as we know her care is complete and she is healthy, she will be up for adoption. Some lucky family will have a wonderful dog."

The Lucas County Pit Crew rescues about 250 dogs every year. There are a lot of different ways you can get involved. There's always a big need for donations of money, toys, food and supplies. There are also a lot of volunteer opportunities like walking dogs, training them and fostering.

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