Dog rescued aftert being shot in the head, deputy's generosity saves life

"She had lost so much blood they thought she was going to need a transfusion," Hayley Miller explained. Miller is the owner of Ginger the dog. The animal was shot in the face after burrowing under the fence and into the neighbor's yard.

Miller was away from her home in Chandler, Arizona when it happened. Ginger, however, managed to find former U.S. Army flight medic and current sheriff's deputy, Brian Bowling.

Bowling says he saw Ginger stumble into the street and could tell she was seriously hurt, "I'd left the door opened and I came towards the dog to try and just get it out of traffic, and she went around me and climbed up into the driver's seat."

"Kind of had a little flashback to that. Cause we had seen military, working dogs over there that were blown up by IED's and shot and that's kind of what went through my head. I thought I had to do anything I could to save its life."

Deputy Bowling used military gauze to stop the bleeding. Her rushed her to an animal hospital where doctors determined she needed costly, life-saving surgery.

Miller says the financial burden was too much, "It was heart-wrenching but I knew I didn't want her to suffer anymore. I finally said, ok, I don't have these funds. I have to put the dog down."

Deputy Bowling says he couldn't watch anyone lose a friend like that, "It didn't seem right to allow a dog that had survived so much, that had survived a gunshot wound to the head, to just die because it's owner just didn't have the financial means at the moment."

Bowling charged about $2,500 to his credit card.

"Who does that?" Miller asks.

She says she couldn't believe the deputy's generosity. "I couldn't even cry. I was like so. . I just had to go with the whole thing for a few days. I just. . I was in shock, I still can't talk about it properly."