Dog survives two-story fall down well

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BLISSFIELD, Mich. (WTVG) - Emergency responders deal with a lot of different calls every day. But a recent call for help was a bit unusual.

Last Monday night, volunteer firefighters from Deerfield Township received a call for a 14-year-old beagle that fell down a well, two stories deep and needed to be rescued.

The well head was removed as the owner, Blane Goss, wasn't getting any water in the home and was checking to see if it was dry.

"I went in to get a flash light and got distracted and getting dressed for work” said Goss.

Soon after Blane's son Dylan called for Missy to come back inside, but couldn't find her. Until the son heard a whimper coming from the well.

Fire Chief Brett Holubik agreed to lower Blane 22 feet down through an opening only four feet wide.

"We made a makeshift harness with one of our long rescue ropes put a sniffer down there to make sure there’s no gasses" said Holubik.

To everyone's surprise, Missy came out uninjured. The family was overcome with relief and happiness.

Luckily, the well had only six inches of water at the time. Firefighters say she's lucky that the ground under the water cushioned the fall just enough.